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Mini Posters

Tiny affirmations, things to make you giggle, sayings to make you feel comforted. The mini posters featured here are a selection of what we have made. They're all, optionally, available with a frame too.

  1. Peace on Earth Red wood type
  2. Greetings Red wood type
  3. Sending Spoons Red wood type
  4. Happy Holidays Red wood type
  5. Cheers Red wood type
  6. Hugs Red wood type
  7. Best Wishes Red wood type
  8. Joyful Red wood type
  9. n+1 - mini poster
  10. Maximum effort - mini poster
  11. Embrace mediocrity - mini poster
  12. A bird never flew on one wing - mini poster
  13. Imposter syndrome - mini poster
  14. Let us sit here a while and wait for the dawn - mini poster
  15. Be more cowboy - mini poster
  16. New ideas need heritage resources - mini poster