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Plan, Reflect, Share

The aim of the Plan, Reflect, Share series is to support people who are dealing with anxiety by getting their thoughts out of their head, and onto paper. Step one: is planning. By helping yourself find a little bit of order in your chaotic life, you might start to reduce your feelings of overwhelm. Step two is reflection. This might be a gratitude journal, a notebook, or some other "long form" capture device. By writing longer notes, over time you may start to observe trends. Finally, the third step is to share. Whether you are reaching out to someone who might be having a difficult time, or whether you write to someone about your own experiences, connection through letter writing is powerful and has the ability to soothe.
  1. Season of gratitude - set of three notebooks
  2. Plan, Reflect, Share
  3. Sketching Notebook - Cramber Tor, Dartmoor
  4. Spiral notebook - North Hessary, Dartmoor
  5. Planning sheets - weekly layout