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Acorn & Mire - stationery and art print bundle

  • $123.00

Acorn & Mire was born out of a desire to support, promote, and nurture the remaining paper mills and merchants in the UK. We only use UK-manufactured, recycled papers for this stationery.

To this paper, we apply our craft—letterpress printing—to create stationery the old-fashioned way: with metal and wood and maximum effort. We print old-school correspondence cards that give you a hint of what to write about, but leaving the voice of the greeting to be your own.

The cards are printed using truly traditional methods—a kiss of an impression to leave just enough ink. This ensures the protection and longevity of our metal and wood type. (There are fewer than two dozen manufacturers of type left in the UK.)

It's not about clinging to the past—rather it's about offering an alternative to rapid, mass consumerism. It's about supporting your neighbours, and gifting your friends by reminding them your friendship is deeper than cheap and fast.

A portion of the sales from any of our Acorn & Mire products are donated to forest and hedgerow regeneration projects; and to peatland-related projects.

This bundle includes:

  • One stationery set, including six Acorn & Mire correspondence cards
  • One box of four British-made Acorn & Mire pencils (right or left-handed)
  • One framed "lead garden" print on blue bell, recycled paper

The six correspondence cards are printed on 280gsm paper and come with six, matching envelopes. The writing prompts printed onto the cards are:

  • Cheers
  • Hello
  • Wish you were here
  • Thinking of you
  • You are beautiful
  • You are loved


All of our papers are recycled, and British where possible. We can provide you specific details on certifications each paper has, and the mill where they were made.