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Planning sheets - weekly layout

  • $16.00

Monday - Sunday weekly planning sheets with a few different combinations. This product will send you a pack of ten A4 weekly planning sheets in a variety of layouts, and papers. Enough for two months, and to keep you entertained and engaged in the weekly planning process.

This is part of the Plan, Reflect, Share series. Designed to help people who are feeling overwhelmed, and maybe a little bit anxious. They're also great for people who need to convert their to-do list into a when-am-I-actually-going-to-do-this list. At the end of each week you can either recycle the sheet and let it all go, or you can keep the sheets in your folder as a record of what's been.

Emma uses the back of her sheets to write her weekly notes. Past weeks are folded in half, and sit in a neatly stacked pile on the corner of her desk. Every so often, the project gets recycled. Somehow, it seems less heartbreaking to recycle that stack than trying to decide what to do with a full notebook of various weekly jots that don't mean anything more. How will you use yours?

All of our papers are recycled, and British where possible. We can provide you specific details on certifications each paper has, and the mill where they were made.