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Plan, Reflect, Share

  • $33.00

There is no single thing that will solve anxiety, but there are many little things that can help us to feel more at ease, more in control, and more connected with others. The Plan, Reflect, Share bundle is a toolkit based on a lifetime of dealing with anxiety and working out which tools were most effective for helping to reduce stress.

The bundle includes: four planning sheets, one notebook, a correspondence card, a pencil, and a travel wrap to store it all in.

  • Step one: Plan. These weekly planning sheets can be used to jot down one simple thing that you might accomplish each day. The planning sheets are all printed on our hand-powered vintage printing presses, and trimmed on our beautiful, old guillotine. The letters are made from metal type which is 70% lead, which means it is hard enough to make an impression, but soft enough to become easily damaged if improperly handled. The dotted lines are made from printing on the very fine edge of brass, which is much tougher. Sometimes the sheets are a little imperfect, and a little bit wonky, just like life.
  • Step two: Reflect. A landscape format notebook to capture your thoughts, and doodles. This size designed to be portable and perfect if you are just getting started in green sketching, or developing your journaling practice. There are 32 pages in the book, so you could set a goal of filling a page a day for a month to see if you might like to do more journaling. Not too much commitment, just enough to see how it goes.
  • Step three: Share. An expression-less notecard ready for you, exactly as you are. This could be a sympathy card, a celebration card, a happy birthday card, or just a hello. You can write on both sides of the card, or just one side. There are no rules to how you make a connection with someone else, but it almost always feels better when you do.

You might like to buy a few packs so that you always have a month in advance, or simply get a new pack each time you're ready to begin again. The Plan, Reflect, Share pack also make a wonderful gift to someone you care for, and we can even gift wrap if you'd like (just let us know in the comments of your order).

Bundle details

  • Planning sheets: printed on recycled paper; 120gsm. Approx 105 x 150 mm. Good for pencil, pen, and fountain pen (medium nib). Fount is 24pt Gill Sans.
  • Notebook: blank inside (no lines); 115 mm x 165 mm (approximately); 120gsm recycled paper. Good for pencil, pen, and fountain pen (medium nib).
  • Correspondence card: hand printed on our vintage printing presses using printer ornaments (no text); 230gsm recycled paper; includes one envelope (120gsm, recycled); colours to complement your notebook selection
  • Case: Recycled paper printed with "Plan. Reflect. Share." using vintage metal (48pt Gill Sans) on our vintage press.
  • Pencil: The bundle comes with one sharpened pencil. It is available as a left-handed or right-handed pencil. Made in England from FSC-certified timber.

This is part of the Plan, Reflect, Share series. Its aim is to support people who are dealing with anxiety by getting their thoughts out of their head, and onto paper. This bundle incorporates all three of Plan, Reflect, and Share, and comes it up in a nifty travel case.

All of our papers are recycled, and British where possible. We can provide you specific details on certifications each paper has, and the mill where they were made.

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