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Learn to print using vintage letterpress equipment, and heritage craft techniques.

Our studio is small, but mighty, so class size is always limited, and you will always get the help you need to design and print unique cards, drink coasters, notebooks, and posters.

In our workshops, you will explore how to use metal and wood moveable type to create unique letterpress items. More importantly, you will learn field-tested techniques to get creatively unstuck. It's not just about what you print, but also how iterate through ideas before committing to a final print run. Throughout the entire process, you will learn to trust your intuition and enjoy the making process.

Private workshops are available, including couples sessions, and print-your-own wedding stationery (all couples welcome). Please get in touch to reserve your dates.

  1. Print Your Own Affirmation
  2. Print Your Own Notebook
  3. address printed onto card and envelope
  4. printed item from wood type
  5. Print Your Own Drinks Coasters
  6. table top printing press
  7. Print Your Own Posters
  8. Digital Detox Letterpress Experience on Dartmoor
  9. Heritage printing - private workshop
  10. Print your own wedding stationery