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Wherever possible: choose the sustainable option.

Using this as a guiding statement has resulted in the following choices:

  • Our papers and envelopes are British-made to reduce emissions relating to transport.
  • Our papers and envelopes are made from recycled materials. It's not always FSC-certified, because that certification process is too expensive for some of our producers.
  • Our pencils are made in England, and the wood for them is from an FSC-certified source.
  • Our packaging is recyclable or compostable, and reused where it makes sense.
  • Our cards are only available in packs -- this cuts down on the emissions related to transport.
  • We donate a portion of our profits to forest and hedgerow regeneration projects in the UK, as well as peatland restoration in the UK and globally -- we're aiming to send 1%.
  • We volunteer with Protect Earth, and our local litter pick.
  • Our equipment is purchased (in order of preference) vintage, used, and locally-made-new.
  • Our equipment is recyclable (lead type) or compostable (wood type).
  • We use standard ink colours to reduce the amount of waste between jobs.
  • Where possible, we use low-to-no-solvent methods to cleanup after printing, including using specialised, handmade brushes from Rosa Harradine.
  • When we do need to use solvents, we opt for the industry's best in terms of lowest impact on the environment.
  • Our studio is walking distance from home so we don't need to commute by car.
  • As much as possible, we use clean-up rags, instead of rolls of paper towelling.
  • We print our tests onto scrap paper.
  • We recycle our paper offcuts into new paper.
  • We make wrapping paper out of the sheets of paper we use to clean the press rollers.
  • (The list really does go on, and on.)

Sometimes our choices cost a little more, sometimes they cost a little less, sometimes they take a little longer, sometimes they speed things up. But every one of those choices helps us to reduce our impact on the environment.