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Editioning service for Linocut artists

Most linocut artists will pull their prints one at a time using a lever press, or by hand burnishing. It takes forever and results in a higher production cost. Some artists choose to convert their hand-printed illustrations into digital reproductions so they can sell them for cheaper (wholesale, at craft markets, or online). For some artists, digital reproductions are not an option. It doesn't fit with their personal ethos or brand promise.

We understand. Everything we do at Princetown Press is made by hand because all of our presses are hand-powered. We also know that, sometimes, a little speed is helpful. We choose the press we use to suit the job we're doing. That means a short run of only a few prints will be hand-inked on our proofing press, but a longer run of a few dozen, or a few hundred, will be done on our giant treadle press within a couple of hours.

If the idea of banging out a few hundred single-colour prints in a couple of hours by hand makes you giddy, then you have come to the right place. We now offer an editioning service. You will either come to the studio and work directly with us, or send us your carving, and we'll print for you. (Come to the studio if you can, it's more fun for both of us, and you will always be within sight of your work.)

Pop us an email and let us know a little about what you'd like printed, and we can tell you about options for ink, paper, timings, and cost. This service is most cost-effective if you want 100-200 prints in total (this can be spread across multiple designs). You might like to print Christmas cards, bookmarks, and business cards.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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