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From stationery to posters to notebooks to Christmas cards, we've worked with people just like you to create memorable printed ephemera.


Small projects can be initiated as a custom stationery purchase.

  • Get in touch via our contact form with your idea. Tell us about what you'd like printed (how many, what size, that sort of thing), and any constraints (deadline, budget). If you don't tell us about constraints, we'll assume the sky is the limit and that there is no deadline, and unlimited money to spend. Be honest, it makes life easier for both of us. 🙂
  • We'll let you know if your idea is something we can take-on given our other commitments. At this point, we'll let you know if this is something we might print, or something that is better suited to one of our DIY workshops.
  • Once we've agreed on a general time frame, we'll work on a few initial sketches, and email them to you along with a cost break-down.
  • To start on the work, you'll pay an initial invoice (25%). This deposit is non-refundable because it's paying for our time in the studio to assemble your project.
  • Depending on the scope of the project, we'll likely send you workshop photos to review. If you're happy to proceed, you will then pay another 50%, and we'll start printing.
  • Finally, when the prints are complete (and dry!), we'll send you the prints. The final 25% is due within 30 days of us shipping the prints to you.

Some of these projects have included an overrun, which are now available for sale through our site.

Small Changes poster - co-created with author Diana Montalion to promote her book, Learning Systems Thinking.

Acorn & Mire stationery sets - custom packaging and stationery all made with British papers