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Season of gratitude - set of three notebooks

  • $16.00

These notebooks are possibly the most perfectly imperfect things that we make. Their covers are decorated with the excess ink from print jobs. They can take as long as 3-4 months for the ink to dry completely. We don't always have them in stock, but when we do, they come in threes.

Each notebook has 32 pages, and is the size of a passport. (Yes, the kind that you need at international border crossings.) It is perfectly lovely in the hand, and not too overwhelming to write in. More specifically, though, it is enough that you can have one page for each day of a month. They are made with our vintage stapler, and then trimmed, and their corners are rounded.

There are two things to explore with these notebooks:

(1) number all of your pages, and then start writing on the number that corresponds to today. Using this technique you are avoiding the "I don't want to get it messy" fear by starting with a tiny number on each page. Then, instead of starting on the first page of the book, you'll start somewhere in the middle. It's *incredibly* liberating. Trust me.

(2) use a random sequence generator to create an out of order list of numbers from 1-32. Now, use this sequence to number your pages. Then, follow the sequence of your numbers as you write on each page. In other words, your first page might actually be numbered 5. You won't write on this until the 5th day. This technique helps you to overcome the fear of "getting to the end" of a notebook, because there's always a little space somewhere that you can find to write in.

This is part of the Plan, Reflect, Share series. Its aim is to support people who are dealing with anxiety by getting their thoughts out of their head, and onto paper. This is step "two" of the process: journaling.

In the notes for your order, please let us know if you'd like your pages pre-numbered and whether you'd like them in order, or random (or a mix of both). We'll assume you don't want this, so make sure you add a note if you do!

Please also let us know if this is a gift for you, or a gift for someone else, and we'll package it appropriately.

All of our papers are recycled, and British where possible. We can provide you specific details on certifications each paper has, and the mill where they were made.

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