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Personalised poster

Years before we started Princetown Press, I bought a hand-printed poster, "Do more of what you love". Looking at the poster on a daily basis has gently shaped the direction of my life. We've printed lots of posters since then, but affirmations and quotes remain one of my favourite things to print. I've got an entire notebook filled little nuggets people have said, or things I've read that I want to capture in big, bold letters. These posters are the perfect thing to give as a gift to your family, special friends, and other loved ones.

How does it work? You choose the message, and the general "vibe" of the poster, and we'll take care of the rest.

What choices do I get?

1. Typeface. We have a number of founts we can work with in the studio, but the most popular ones are:

  • Penny Farthing (a fun, interlocking fount originally designed in the 1970s);
  • Gill Sans (a classic British typeface, used by the BBC and OS maps).

You can choose either of these typefaces for your poster, or let it be a surprise, and we'll choose what's right for your special message.

2. Ink colour. Your poster will be hand-inked, and hand-printed on our 1960s Stephenson Blake galley proofing press. We'll print from the family of colours you choose and, if we think it makes sense for the message, we'll make it a multicolour print.

  • Bright - high contrast, clear colours. Think children's crayons, and Friday-night lipstick.
  • Cool - mostly blues, but possibly with a bit of black, or a hint of silver. Think clear night sky, and ocean inspiration.
  • Earthy - browns, greens, and moorish colours. Think forest and moors. (Sometimes with a surprise pop of purple.)
  • Pastel - light, soft colours. low contrast. Hygge, peach fuzz, and other delicate, but sophisticated shades.
  • Warm - reds, oranges. Think fireside with a great book, and an optional glass of red wine.

3. Text. Five - ten words is usually about right. If it's too long, and won't fit, we'll be in touch with suggestions. Sample phrases we've printed:

  • You are loved.
  • Even ugly handwriting deserves beautiful stationery.
  • A bird never flew on one wing.
  • Perfect is pronounced fuckit. (Yes, we'll print you a sweary poster.)
  • Peace on earth.
  • (Village name) <-- if we missed your village or town in the Dartmoor Settlements
  • Their name & your name

4. Paper colour. Always British, always recycled.

  • White - Bright white with slight imperfections. e.g., 
  • Off-white - Light beige sugar paper. e.g., ugly handwriting poster
  • Granite - Light grey with inclusions. e.g., Dartmoor Settlements.

What choices don't I get?

  • Paper size: SRA4 - 225mm x 320mm, recycled and British-made
  • Paper weight: 120 - 280gsm

We will be in touch to confirm your order before we start printing. This should be a fun experience for you and for us, so if we can't make it work for whatever reason, we'll immediately refund your money.

  • Typeface: Choose from: Penny Farthing, Gill Sans, Grot Condensed Bold, or studio surprise!
  • Ink colour: Choose from: Bright, Cool, Earthy, Light, Warm
  • Paper: SRA4 - 225mm x 320mm, recycled and British-made
  • Wait time: Please allow 14 days for despatch.

You may also be interested in coming to the studio to print your own affirmations. Check out our letterpress workshops.

  • £70.00

All of our papers are recycled, and British where possible. We can provide you specific details on certifications each paper has, and the mill where they were made.

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  • Free UK delivery on all orders over £50
  • You can return your order for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase