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Scrap book

  • $33.00

At Princetown Press, we produce very little waste. Nearly all of our materials are recycled, and recyclable. Every time we ink up the press, there's a little waste as we fine tune the placement of the print on the page, and then a little bit of extra ink at the end of the job. The extra ink gets rolled onto scrap paper, and the misprints get over-printed with new test prints. At the end of the year, we usually have around a hundred sheets of truly scrap paper.

These sheets have been given new life as the most exquisite scrap books. They are perfect for journal writing, collage, and other creative endeavours. They're also lovely to just flip through. Every book has a selection of clean-up sheets (bold colour, no printing); old print jobs; misprints; and blank sheets.


  • Binding: spiral-bound in black metal
  • Cover: front cover is 380gsm in coral, backing board is 1250microns in charcoal black. Both are both UK-made, recycled (and recyclable)
  • Size: 140mm x 140mm (some pages are under-sized)
  • Front cover is hand printed with vintage wood type.

Note: on some screens, the cover may look red, but it's actually coral. This seems to be something to do with the photo upload process.

All of our papers are recycled, and British where possible. We can provide you specific details on certifications each paper has, and the mill where they were made.

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